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Chainsaw only

2015 Lady II.jpg

The sculpture "Lady" by Patricia Zenklusen is an impressive example of how traditional tools can be used innovatively to create modern art. It's hard to imagine that this intricate and detailed piece of art was created solely using a chainsaw, yet Zenklusen demonstrates that even such a coarse tool, in the hands of a talented artist, can lead to finesse and elegance.

The vibrant red tones of the sculpture immediately capture one's attention. They symbolize passion, energy, and the strength of the female form. The way the material has been worked shows movement and texture, giving "Lady" a dynamic and fluid presence, despite its solid and steadfast nature.

The fine detail in the drapery of the dress and the visible texture throughout the sculpture are especially noteworthy. It's a technique that surely requires much skill and patience, particularly considering that no tools other than a chainsaw were used.

The face of the "Lady", stylized yet expressive, represents a universal female form that is both anonymous and iconic. It reminds us that women have served as inspiration for art across many cultures and eras.

Patricia Zenklusen's work is not just an homage to the female form but also a testament to her impressive craftsmanship and her ability to use traditional tools in innovative ways. "Lady" is both a technical masterpiece and an emotional piece of art that viewers will surely remember for a long time.

- E.S. Art for Times

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